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Bad Boy is an awesome MMA apparel company, and is now available at Aztec Highway!

Bad Boy began in Jiu Jitsu in the early nineties by sponsoring Rickson Gracie, son of the legendary founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Helio Gracie, for a seminar that he was giving in Rio de Janeiro. That seminar made the cover story in a national magazine and the cover photo featured Rickson Gracie wearing a Bad Boy Kimono.

As Jiu Jitsu continued to grow in Brazil, attracting athletes from around the world to the no-nonsense academies peppering the Brazilian coastal cities, Bad Boy continued to sponsor both the Gracies and Jiu Jitsu tournaments.

Other martial art academies in Brazil became all too aware of the success and popularity of Jiu Jitsu and a war of words began, wherein Jiu Jitsu was often denounced as a fad and not as effective as was publicized. Tired of the bickering among students and masters alike, the first Mixed Martial Arts tournaments sprung up throughout Brazil and Bad Boy was first in line to support the burgeoning sport.

This new sport required new rules (none, at the beginning), a new stage (octagons instead of square rings that allowed fighters to be thrown or the ropes used against the fighters), and new clothing (Kimonos were rapidly declining in popularity, as they also proved to be a weapon). So, the Bad Boy Fight Shorts were born. Named the “Sungão,” which is the Brazilian word for the swim briefs favored on Brazil’s beaches, the Bad Boy Fight Shorts added “legs” to the garment and was made of a highly durable, water resistant, and flexible material that has yet to be equaled by any other brand. Often imitated, never duplicated, the Bad Boy Fight Shorts continue to be the most sought after product by Sprawlers, Grapplers, and Wrestlers to this day.

15 years of dedication to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts has paid off in a loyalty to Bad Boy that is unparalleled in the world of MMA. They have had the privilege of having Bad Boy worn by the greatest fighters in the world. It is difficult to go to an MMA event or tournament without seeing a Bad Boy logo on a pair of shorts or permanently tattooed on a fighter. They are sincerely honored by the many fighters who have been part of the Bad Boy family over time, many of which are still loyal to Bad Boy. They are equally grateful to the hundreds of fighters they’ve never met who adopt Bad Boy as their moniker, their persona, their brand.

Now, Bad Boy is poised to accomplish in the USA what they have already accomplished in Brazil and Japan; they will take the message to the masses. In Brazil, Bad Boy was the first lifestyle brand to make everyday apparel that both popularized and legitimized Mixed Martial Arts to the general public. In Japan, our sponsorship of the K-1 Hero’s legend Jerome LeBanner has demonstrated the mass appeal of MMA to fans of all ages.

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