Al Tawareg

From the producers of Romman Shisha Tobacco comes Al Tawareg, a quality hand-made authentic Middle Eastern hookah tobacco. Made from the freshest high quality ingredients, Al Tawareg tobacco is honey-based and delivers thick, creamy clouds of smoke with untold flavor throughout the bowl.

Tinged with a tart sweet combo, very light in flavor. Great as a mixer.

California Dream
Fruity tropical medley of flavors. Cherry and orange are the most discernable.

Creamy Cola
Tastes identical to RC cola. This is a house favorite.

Fresh mint
Classic sweet mint flavor. Another good mixer.

Guava Kuava
A bit of an off smelling tobacco, but the flavor is immense, rich, and delicious.

Juicy Peach
Classic peach “O” flavor.

Sweet Honey
Very nice subtle Honey flavor. One of the best on the market.

Sweet Melon
Very light nice cantaloupe flavor.

Wild Mango
Not quite an authentic mango, but closer than a lot of other brands.

Wild Strawberry
Classic candy strawberry flavor.

Wild Watermelon
Very sweet bubble gum type watermelon flavor.

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