VaporizersAztec Highway stocks only quality vaporizers, from our standard VaporBoxes to the new portable and efficient Magic Flight Launch Box.

Don’t let the Launch Box’s simple design fool you. It’s one of the most efficient vaporizers we’ve ever seen. Load it up (don’t need too much!), insert one of the included rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, wait 3-5 seconds and you’re ready to go. They come with 2 batteries, a charger (for said batteries), and a handy carrying bag, all in a fancy tin box you could maybe keep spare change in or something.

We also have the Vapor Genie, a very high quality and durable vapor pipe. Handcrafted in America and boasting a lifetime warranty, these beauties work with just a regular lighter or hemp-wick, producing perfect vapor every time! And the low price will blow you away!

We carry both standard and hands-free vaporizers by VaporBox. These very high quality box-type vapes come standard with a deluxe two-piece whip which makes changing screens a snap! In addition, they all come with a lifetime warranty on all electronics and the heater!

Check out the iolite vaporizer for the ultimate in portability! Butane powered with Piezo electric ignition built in! These babies will go for up to two hours on one charge of butane!

Our favorite vaporizer (apart from the Launch Box) is the Extreme Q. This bad boy is far more functional than the Volcano, for far less green! Includes all attachments for bag use, whip use, and more. Three speed fan, lit LCD screen and remote control. Heck, they even throw in a potpourri bowl and a sample of potpourri! Awesome! We carry replacement parts and accessories for all of our vaporizers!

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